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5 Reasons to Choose an Engineered Stone Benchtop

5 Reasons to Choose an Engineered Stone Benchtop.

1. Popular for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Splashbacks

  • Popular for kitchens, bathrooms, and other uses such as splashbacks and fireplaces. The slabs are made with 95% natural quartz that are bound and mixed with polymer resins. The combination of quartz with the resin makes for a slab and surface which are built for the long-term use.

2. Superior Scratch Resistance

  • Engineered stone has superior scratch, chip, and stain resistance performance. It is an ideal solution for the demands of any kitchen.

3. Versatile

  • The versatile range of colours means that choosing the right design to reflect the décor of your home will be a breeze. Engineered stone comes in a huge range of styles, including marble and granite finishes which blend the best of both worlds by providing a natural finish with all the strength and durability benefits of engineered stone.

4. Low Maintenance

  • Engineered stone is known for its low maintenance. Unlike other materials like Marble and Granite, engineered stone does not need regular sealing to keep it looking new. For more information on how to clean your benchtops see our blog on avoiding stains and cleaning your stone benchtop.

5. Feasible

  •   Engineered stone solutions are often cheaper than natural stone alternatives. Add this to the non-needing of ongoing maintenance cost and peace of mind that it comes with warranty.
First Class Stone

First Class Stone